3X3 Praise

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See FAQ below to find out how you get equipment & membership.

3X3 Praise I and 3X3 Praise I I

Message from the Product & Program Developer:

 It’s been my heart’s desire to offer you a 3X3FIT experience that allows you to incorporate worship into your workout.

Each 3X3 PRAISE workout will focus on an inspirational theme based fully on God’s word.

  • 3X3 PRAISE I:  Pray Without Ceasing –  Our Trials & Struggles    
  • 3X3 PRAISE II:  Rejoice Always – God’s Greatness & Wonder

My hope is that 3X3 PRAISE takes you to a place of peaceful contemplation; that as you stretch and pose to strengthen your body, you ponder the Scriptures, put aside life’s stressful hassles, and strengthen your spirit.

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself in prayer and worship as you exercise, so I will give only limited vocal instruction so as not to distract you.   You will to need to rely on visual cues for 3X3 PRAISE workouts.

May His most Holy Word bless you during your workout time and go forth to the ends of the earth.

All Glory to our Father,
Kim Marie Ross, 3X3 PRAISE Product & Program Developer



QUESTION:  What equipment is required to perform 3X3 PRAISE? 

ANSWER:  3X3 FIT Rings.  If you do not own, see ‘Shop’ page.   Long Tension Cords will be used and are included in all packages except Beginner program.  Long Tension Cords with Steel Clips can be purchased individually on the ‘Shop’ page for $15.

QUESTION:  Where do I find the 3X3 PRAISE workouts?

ANSWER:     3X3 PRAISE is currently only available to 3X3FITOnDemand members.  You may purchase a membership on the website.   Or, if you do not yet own equipment, we recommend Equip + OnDemand membership.  www.3X3FITOnDemand.com

QUESTION:  When will DVD copies of this workout be available?

ANSWER:   DVD copies of these workouts will be available by May 30, 2018

QUESTION:  Will there be other 3X3 PRAISE workouts?

ANSWER:   Yes.  There will be many, each with a different theme.   Coming soon:  Passion of the Christ Scriptures.  “His Death and Resurrection”

QUESTION:   Is there a place I can take 3X3 PRAISE classes?

ANSWER:   Kim Marie Ross & husband Kevin Ross are working to produce MP3 Audio files for instructors to access while teaching.   These will be made available by Fall 2018.   Kim will be teaching classes this Fall in Eden Prairie Studio.


3X3 Praise I 3X3 Praise II

3X3 Fit Workout Image 3X3 Fit Workout Image

3X3 Fit Workout Image 3X3 Fit Workout Image