Our Vision

3X3FIT isn’t just another workout product.  It’s a new patented exercise device which features weighted rings and variable resist/assist tension cords.  It has created a revolutionary new exercise method that is easy yet highly effective for beginners to advanced, all ages and fitness levels.  Intense total body transformation training.  Strength, Stretch, Sculpt, Balance, Flexibility Training.

Our Story

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3 Fitness Product Developer

Married, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 6

Faith and Family first


Kim Marie Ross has been passionate about fitness her entire life.  As a young mother she found herself out of shape and self-conscious.  After discovering fitness after the birth of her second of three children at age 19, she became passionate about encouraging other women to get started.

At age 29 Kim started creating new fitness equipment and programs that would offer fun, variety and results, bringing 18 different unique fitness machines to market since 1994.

She says “Finding an exercise program that you truly enjoy is half the battle.  The only way to see lasting results is to choose a program that you enjoy so that you will stick to it.

3X3FIT offers fun and endless variety in some seriously intense training that even a beginner can participate in.  And, I believe this is the right formulation for truly experiencing a total body transformation.

The 3X3 FIT program is my very best new product development.  The one that has transformed my body.  And, the one I genuinely believe will transform yours.”

Kim Marie Ross

Kim Resume I Shot

Founder & CEO


This 53 year old grandmother of 6 has been active for decades but 3X3FIT has helped her to be in the best shape of her life!

Do something healthy for yourself today…

I hope you become a 3X3FIT member and exercise enthusiast like me.