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2/20/18  Helene Davenport Been doing since November and I am 15 lbs down. Love these workouts. I am almost 65 and would love to become an instructor.

2/18/18  Susan McPadden so thrilled with my results -trying to rebuild after an accident and major surgery 11 months ago – finally getting more endurance – this is perfect for me

2/17/18  Elfi Locher Omg love these rings so much I became a life time member!

2/16/18  Loving the workouts!  I’ve only done the Total Body Workout about 4 times and the chair workout a few times.   I am already stronger and my form is improving.

Barbara Hall 

1/20/18 Loving this program. I am a regular with weights but this is a nice change.   

Peggy Rios

1/16/18  Received mine on Saturday I started to use it on Sunday. 2 days in and it fun and for sure I feel it already. Thank you so much finally, something I actually enjoy. – Anna Fico

1/19/18   Day 5 and going strong I am feeling the it love this product 🙂

Anna Fico 

1/21/18 Rotating the workouts every night  love these work outs. I have bad knees and surprisingly l have been able to do all the moves thank you so much.

Anna Fico

1/20/18   Wow! I just got your 3×3 system yesterday from a co-worker for my birthday. I turn 51 today and haven’t been able to truly workout for a couple years due to an accident I did your warm up and 360 core this morning. I feel it with no “bad” pain. Thank God for you and your program. I am so happy that I may finally be able to get back on track. Thank and God bless. Deb P.S. I was thrilled to see that you are also a Christian. Added bonus!!


1/18/18 Omg!!! What a wonderful workout. Did this for the first time tonight. Wowzer, i was sweaty. Still need to master keeping the rings on my feet in this one. But I love it!  -Nicole Rubi

1/18/18  Ok..I have these & the videos & this is kicking my butt!   

Kylee Jo La

1/8/18    This workout is amazing. I have,all kinds of back and shoulder issues. I can do this and feel great. Thank you for coming up with something even a fitness challenged person, like I am, can do.    -Elfi Locher

1/8/18 Love these workouts. I switch them up every day. Have been doing them for 2 months   -Helene Davenpor

1/7/18  I’m loving the 3×3 fit program!! It’s fun and challenging at the same time. I actually look forward to exercising and building a more toned body!

Anne Marie

1/05/18   I started this a couple years ago and love these rings and workout!

I am 51 with Spina Bifida and use walker and crutches to walk and very bad knees.
I just received the 3×3 Fit and already love it!
I can do the chair and most of the floor exercises. I am not good at spinning the rings for the arm exercises yet.
I am so thankful for this program as I need to lose 60 lbs and with proper eating I think I will finally get this body toned with 3×3 Fit.
Thank you Kim



I have fibromyalgia and just received my workouts Saturday. I’ve also worked out with heavy weights and Tabata style workouts in the past. For the past year, I’ve struggled to find a workout that doesn’t throw me into a flare. I’ve completed 4 workouts with 3×3 Fit and so far, so good. The workout is very deceiving as my body is working harder than it seems. I thought the chair workout was too easy at first and then an hour later, I felt it all over. I also know the difference between fibro pain and DOM and I totally agree with the above review. I did the Total Body workout earlier today and loved it! So glad I found this system.

Lou (Marialou Milam Broughton


Your 3×3 workouts have been exactly what I needed to help get me back on track. Thank you for designing it and sharing it to help others!
Tess Anne

12/27/17  Just wanted to let you know I love your system! I purchased the “Arm” starter kit from Amazon and just this weekend purchased an additional set of cords and the “Ballet” DVD.

I have had Fibromyalgia for over 5 years now and I have struggled to find a plan to stick to. I actually look forward to my 3×3 work out every day. I used to be a long distance runner and work out with heavy weights so I can tell the difference between Fibro pain and DOM pain…3X3 gives me DOM pain but not so much that it exacerbates my chronic Fibro pain. This is really important in keeping me coming back to the DVDs. I recently told a Fibro Blog about your product and I highly endorsed it.

Mimi Hart

12/18/17  I purchased and did my first work out last even. I love it and I feel it for sure!

Karen Young

12/18/17  This gives you the best stretch ever! Love mine!

Nikki Wald

12/17/17   I got these about a month ago. They are fantastic! No need for a gym!

Roberta Raynes Holland

12/14/17   I LOVE these rings!  I have been on a graduated exercise program for 4 months and it was calling for adding in some gym equipment. I found 3×3 on a Google search and decided to try the rings instead. Boy, am I glad I did. What a GREAT workout! I think 3 x 3 can totally replace any gym equipment you could use! In 2 short weeks I can already notice new results I wasn’t getting with the other program!



11/24/17    My goodies arrived yesterday and my first workout was today. As I’m just starting, I used only 1 resistance band but I still got a good workout. I love Pilates and feel these workouts will quickly become a favorite in my fitness collection!!

Reagan Clark Tesar

11/23/17   It arrived yesterday. I did. Ire work out and first chair workout plus zumba! I love it! My sit ups were easy!

Helene Davenport

11/21/17  I started this a couple years ago and love these rings and workout!

11/28/17   Been doing for a week. Can see belly flattening and core getting stronger

Sharing for those looking to add to or mix up their workouts.

Stephanie Kehoe

11/18/17  So great! Love this workout! 

Bonnie Smith Vilos

11/14/17  With 3×3 Fit, I get a full body workout, with one product, without heavy weights or any jarring to my joints with workouts that incorporate a lot of jumping.   With regular use, I am seeing positive changes to my body, such as, toned arms and sleek legs. Not to mention inches starting to come off other areas of my body.    Another thing I love about 3×3 Fit is that the rings are easy to pack so I can take my gym with me wherever I go.  I have been a fan since my first workout and will be a lifelong fan, and user of 3×3 Fit.

Dianne Breyer 5 STARS

Received my Awesome Arms Kit, Friday. Did my first workout today. Total Body Sculpting. It was a great workout. Don’t be fooled by these unassumingBlue Rings..they deliver a fabulous workout. I was surprised at the thoroughness it brings to each exercise. Every muscle is called into play..and the resist/assist factor is tops. Looking forward to the Awesome Arms workout. Thanks, so much, Kim for this wonderful product!  5 STARS

Elain Graham

11/13/17  ‘Love 3×3.  I am just beginning these workouts. Am horribly out of shape and 40 lbs overweight but I love the workouts. Already seeing results.’

Kaye Kopsa 

11/09/17  ‘I Decided to do the awesome arms, beginner core, beginner buns, and Pilates workout….holy soreness!!! But I love it!!! My new at home workout 3 days a week!!’

Lisa Bernard

Its muscle without the hustle! Slow, long purposeful moves enhance every well thought out exercise. I. Am. Addicted! And its an AWESOME addiction!

Nancy Castro McCretton

By far one of the most effective workouts for arms I have ever done!

Shelly Jean 

10/28/17   This have become my favorite piece of equipment.   I can’t believe how much I can already feel the difference my whole body is starting to feel.. it engages every muscle. SUCH a good hurt.

Audrey Garber

10-26-17  Use mine every day! Love them!

Sheila Van Houten 

10-26-17   I just got mine yesterday and played with for a little bit. This is perfect, particularly when doing abs and having back issues. I would love to get certified and teach this!

Melissa Garland Starowesky

10-23-17    I love mine! With a bad back I never thought I’d do sit ups again though I needed to do them. Now I can…thank you.

Kathy Zimmermann

10-23- 17    I just want to say that I am 39 years old and in decent shape just trying to really tone my body and lose my belly fat. I am in love with this type of workout. I can feel my entire body getting stronger, leaner and I love working out! I’ve never looked forward to excercise before and now I do!

Whitney Miller 

Hey gang. Wanted to pop in and drop the a line. I’ve done a couple workouts and I gotta admit this thing is actually quite awesome. I don’t know what it is about those rings but I love those darned things. I feel like a cirque performer when I’m working out. There’s a control with this workout that I didn’t feel I had with a bunch of the other programs. Usually felt like I was just flinging my body or some weights around, but this is the kind of workout that builds genuine strength, stability and length. I absolutely feel it already. Thanks Kim for developing this incredibly cool system. Can’t wait to post some results!

Lynne D. Ryder

I would also like to say that I am 55, out of shape, overweight and bad knees. I started with and still do the chair workout and feel myself getting stronger everyday. I also LOVE the Awesome Arms workout! Because of my knees I have found that I can still do most of the floor part except I pause the tv while I get back up because it takes me awhile, lol.
I also pause the tv when I decide to do more reps as I get stronger. WhatI love about this system is you can make it as easy or as hard as you choose.
I was practically bedridden from 2004-2016 and have had to use a walker and a cane after that. This system works for me also because if I can’t you my leg muscle I can compensate with my arm. I hope that makes sense!

Kristen Schmidtberger

I love this program! I have worked out all my adult life. These are awesome! Makes my pilates workouts so much more effective. Easy on my 60 year old joints and my 5 lebel fused back. Will be ordering the extra on line workouts.

Kathy Geyer Rowse

Best workout program I have ever bought or done! So glad I bought it!

Kristen Schmidtberger  5 STARS  

Great product yes 3×3 Fit guys can use .  It is a fun workout you can do anywhere and anytime at your home or take one some Kim classes get hands on learn how to enjoy fun rings get your body into that top shape again .  It will improve your body ,mind and soul .Price is great on these 3×3 fit very affordable.

Scott Knight  5 STARS

Love this product!

Karen Pavic

I got beginners chair…its very good!

Sally Smith-Evans 

I love this arm workout. Got it Friday, tried it today. So much easier on my joints with as much or more burn than my hand weights! (Recent purchaser of Awesome Arms – comment posted)

Julie Parham 

I love my 3×3!! I can go home tired and cranky and then get an AWESOME stretch and workout with this program that I am happy by the time everyone gets home. When your 57 and have bad “everything” it’s nice to have this type of a workout.

Beth Eberly

I received my set a few weeks ago and have been doing the Total Body Sculpting workout consistently 3 days a week since then. A few days ago I started noticing some small changes and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I look forward to my workouts because they are easy for me to do while still producing results. I have a bit to go on my toning and sculpting journey but I know that by using this system consistently that I will get there eventually. This is a fun workout that works!

Machelle Earley

Love the workouts!!!  After only 3 Chair Workouts and 4 Total Body Workouts I am stronger and my form has improved. At first I didn’t feel as though the rings were giving me enough support to do full sit ups of V ups.  But when I did my last workout I noticed I was stronger and using more tension, which in turn gave me more support. I do not like working out and have many “gadgets” and exercise videos. So far 3×3 Fit is one of my favorites because it is fun and  effective!  Good for all fitness levels.

Barbara H

I just started & thought it’d be too easy even though I’m older… but I was wrong! I had forgotten how good it feels to work my muscles! I do like it a lot! All different levels for all different people!

Meg Pugh … reviewed — 5 star

I’ve been sharing with my older friends at church how wonderful 3×3 fit has been for me – with breaking the cycle of inflammation and allowing my arthritic joints to unstiffen and become pain-free! I brought the rings to the “donut table” a week-ago Sunday after Mass, and I had a large captive audience of interested people; especially the women!

Elizabeth Martin

I have been doing the 3X3 FIT program for several months and love it! It is a quick and fun workout. The DVD has exercises for arms, buns and core. They are 3 to 13 minute workouts (all have beginner to advanced routines.) Even though the workouts are short you really feel the results, especially the next day!

Ellen Strawman … reviewed — 5 star

Your 3×3 fit rings are a darn great thing for seniors to use for chair exercises! Also, your 3×3 fit rings are fabulous for doing floor exercises!! Hands down, best exercise product I’ve ever found on the market!!! With less than a minute working with the rings, I feel my metabolism kick in, everytime!


March 12 2017

I have been exercising with Kim Marie Ross for 2 years.  I love the max dance and 3×3 stretch and core building.  My doctor cannot believe I have improved my bone density and posture. My doctor says I have the energy, the good health and body of some one 10 to 15 years younger than my 71 years.


I am a senior care giver. The gentleman I am currently working for is 79 years old and has had Parkinson’s disease for eight years. I am the overnight care giver. He is suppose to call out to me if he has to go to the bath room. There is a urinal next to his bed. When I first started this job whenever he would call out …it was  always too late, he simply could not hold his bladder. I started doing the 3 X 3 exercise for strengthening  the bladder every time I was there and about two weeks ago things began to change.

I usually get up about four times to help him with urination.  Now two out of four times when  he has called he has been able to hold his bladder. Then this week he was able to hold his bladder every time. I attribute this improvement to using the

3 X 3 rings bladder exercise!!!


“Consistency has never been the long suit of this 59-year-old woman. The one thing that I have learned over my 45-year merry go round ride with my weight is that whatever I do to lose weight, must be something that I am willing to do for the rest of my life.

No longer willing, or able, to do high impact cardio, I have restarted my exercise program with walking and hiking. Two activities that I love and am willing to do for the rest of my life. The 3×3 ad caught my eye as it rolled around on my Facebook feed; hmm this looks interesting. Once I watched the video, I knew that this is a product that I will use.

From the very first use, I could perform every exercise! Transitioning between the 3×3 exercises and adding/removing a cord if needed, is a breeze. I never miss a move! I am not plagued by the voices of the negative committee in my head as I’m working with the 3×3 Fit. I feel successful. I find myself looking forward to my 3×3 workouts. In just a short time I feel my muscles responding. My posture is changing. I am standing taller and holding myself differently throughout the day.

What am I willing to do for the rest of my life? I am willing to work with the 3×3 fit rings to improve and increase my muscle strength and flexibility. There are so many products on the market. DO NOT hesitate to invest in the 3×3 Fit.”

Mary in Cincinnati

“I have been exercising with Kim Marie Ross for 2 years. I love the max dance and 3×3 stretch and core building. My doctor can not believe I have improved my bone density and posture. My doctor says I have the energy, the good health and body of some one 10 to 15 years younger than my 71 years.”

Mary Arnold

“I started 3×3 Fit when I was rehabbing my low back and I cannot tell you how great it was for my core!!! Absolutely awesome workout, love the barre section too!! The Barre workout really helped me even out strength on both my legs which in turn helped me with some of my knee issues. This is a great workout for incorporating balance, core and arm strength as well as lower body!!! You gotta try it!”

Dawn Davis

“Kim is not only an amazing person but she has taught me how to sculpt my body with the 3×3 rings like never before. This class is great for balance, flexibility and toning! I love her classes and would recommend this class to anyone no matter what your fitness level!!”

Teresa Larsen-Brenke

“The 3X3 Fit Rings are great for an all over body workout without even having to go to the gym or Kim’s classes. I live across town and purchased them to be able to use them at home. I still love to get out to the gym, but also use the Rings for more toning, balance and strength building. I use the Rings in place of weights for keeping my bones strong. Thanks Kim…I love them and have recommended them to many of my friends”

Jane Anderson

“I am a runner who was looking for something to strengthen my core and arms but did not want to use weights. After watching the 3×3 demo on line, I was sold immediately. I have been using them for over 2 years now – and use them on a daily basis. They can easily be packed for travel (mine have gone internationally several times now). The best result I have from using these awesome rings is that people stop and ask me what I do to get such a toned and sculpted body!! They also are great for rehab when I have had a few injuries from running. No workout equipment can give you the same results for the price! Love my 3×3 rings!!”

Heidi D. Knight

“3×3 has easily become my favorite workout! I enjoy classes and doing my workouts from the comfort of my home. In a day and age where time is of the essence, the rings are the most efficient workout I have found. They are toning of the whole body. I LOVE my rings and recently brought them to Arizona and Mexico with me!”

Brage Anderson Hanson

“I am so thrilled with the 3×3 workouts! Prior to joining the class, I hadn’t exercised in many years and I was a bit intimidated to get started. Kim is a great instructor and the rings are easy to use. I couldn’t believe how quickly I noticed my strength building and my muscles toning! LOVE the workouts and really look forward to each class!”

Kim Schmidt Dockry

“Kim, my new senior is loving this program. She just had surgery on her wrist a couple of weeks ago and is having great success using the rings and getting her strength back, I love this program…changing lives one person at a time..sometimes a group at a time..see you Saturday!” 

Shelly Jean

“3 X 3 Fit !!!! Thank you for changing my life!!!!
Getting stronger every day!!!! Plus what a blessing as a Care Giver to share it with my Seniors. I always bring an extra pair of rings wherever to go!!!”

Cindy Crabtree

“You will find muscles you did not know you had! Excellent work out and stretch, I have not found ANYTHING like this. Saturday morning’s are the highight of my week! Thank you Kim, your energy lights up the room and you kick out butts good!”

Carolyn Brooks

“These rings, and the workout, is amazing! I have so much enjoyed the benefits of them. They have taken my workouts to a new level, since they provide so much for me to increase my ability to improve my flexibility, strength, and balance. A one-of-a-kind work out! WOW!!!”

Bobbie Bridges

“Today on International Women’s Day (March 8) a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, I want to applaud Kim Marie Ross! She is a fun loving, hard working woman who has shown all of us that being a Woman in business is a rewarding experience. She has a non-stop, never quit attitude, combined with a dynamic workout that “kicks all our butts!” Her workouts with the 3x3fit rings give one an all over body toning, sculpting, and strengthen of all muscles and I am thankful that it also protects my back and body as the rings cradle me into Yoga, pilates and ballet like postures. She uses 3x3fit rings along with pilates balls, the barre, or even a chair to help one balance, tone and sculpt your body. The music is uplifting, Kim Marie’s classes are very we’ll thought out and never boring. I never liked exercising much, but thought of it as a necessary part of my life. Now, I look forward to every class and always am challenged to move to the next level. Blessings on your business Kim Marie on this International Woman’s Day.”

Beth Ann Bowerman

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this program!!!!! So innovative and unique!!! Even at my age!!!”

Vicki Dixon

“I have been doing the 3X3 FIT program for several months and love it! It is a quick and fun workout. The DVD has exercises for arms, buns and core. They are 3 to 13 minute workouts (all have beginner to advanced routines.) Even though the workouts are short you really feel the results, especially the next day!”

Ellen Strawman

“I really enjoy and love the 3×3 classes and I would highly recommend to others. Kim is a great instructor. You get a good workout and you will have fun!”

Jodi Hilgers

“I have been participating in a 3×3 class for several months now and love it! I also use the rings at home following the instruction video. Finally, I have found a way to get results without having to lift alot of weights. Thanks 3×3!”

Kristin Mocol

“Kim is amazing and I highly recommended her classes! It’s the best workout I’ve done!”

Mollie Teresa