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Beginner Chair

Stretch (Mat)

Stretch (Chair / Barre)

Total Body Sculpt

Ballerina Glutes & Thighs

Awesome Arms

Core Burn 1:  Sit-Up

Core Burn 2:  Pilates

Core Burn 3:  Advance Pilates

Core Burn 4:  Stand-Up

Core Burn 5:  Chair

Core Burn 6:  Bounce

Killer Core Killer Arms

Total Body Reconstruction

Dynamic Stretch & Sculpt

Summer Arms & Abs (Coming March 2018)

3X3 PRAISE (Coming April 2018)

12-Minute Core 360

7-Minute Core 360 Pilates

4-Minute Advanced Arms

4-Minute Beginner Arms

4-Minute Chair Arms

4-Minute Advanced Buns

4-Minute Beginner Buns

4-Minute Chair Buns

4-Minute Advanced Core

4-Minute Beginner Core

4-Minute Chair Core