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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Color of the Cords change from time to time. Please do not focus on the color of the cords being used in the workouts videos. There are standard 10 inch cords in every package. These are generally black & blue but could change. LONG Cords or EXTENDER Cords come in a variety of colors based on your height, however, colors are subject to change so please focus on ‘Standard’ (10 inch) and “Long/Extender’ Cord (16″ to 24.5” inch choices.)

Standard 10 Inch (included in every package): S
LONG Cords: L
*Extender Cords: X

*Long cords are more efficient than extender cords and can be purchased on the Shop Page. Long cords will also provide a better workout experience with different choices that are according to your height.

We also highly recommend that you purchase additional steel clips to put on the end of each cord to help make transitions faster by simply disconnecting the cord. Steel clips can be purchased on the Shop page (2 or $9.95)

Beginner Chair – 22 mins – S

Stretch (Mat) – 27 mins – S

Stretch (Chair / Barre) – 29 mins – S

Total Body Sculpt – 39 mins – S

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THIS WORKOUT: Please skip the (3) spinning exercises in this workout if you purchased your equipment after 8/17. The equipment has evolved to commercial grade equipment and is too heavy with more durable, harder material and not meant for the spinning exercises. If you purchased equipment after 8/17 you may still opt to do the spinning exercises by simply holding the rings (one in each hand and circling your arms). This is just as effective. The original Toning Rings developed by Kim Marie Ross will be available by 9/18 for purchase and will be less than 1/2 lbs each with soft foam for comfort in Spinning. Stay tuned!

Ballerina Glutes & Thighs – 28 mins – S, L OR X

Awesome Arms – 23 min – S, L OR X

Core Burn 1:  Sit-Up – 9 mins – S

Core Burn 2:  Pilates – 9 mins – S

Core Burn 3:  Advance Pilates – 10 mins – S

Core Burn 4:  Stand-Up – 11 mins – S, L OR X

Core Burn 5:  Chair – 10 mins – S

Core Burn 6:  Bounce – 11 mins – S

Killer Arms & Glutes – 27 mins – S, L OR X

Total Body Reconstruction – 33 mins – S, L OR X

Dynamic Stretch & Sculpt – 43 mins – S, L OR X

Summer Arms & Abs – 31 mins – S, L OR X

3X3 PRAISE I: Pray Without Ceasing – Our Trials & Struggles – 19 mins – S, L OR X

3X3 PRAISE II: Rejoice Always – God’s Greatness & Wonder – 20 mins – S, L OR X

12-Minute Core 360 – S

7-Minute Core 360 Pilates – S

4-Minute Advanced Arms – S

4-Minute Beginner Arms – S

4-Minute Chair Arms – S

4-Minute Advanced Buns – S

4-Minute Beginner Buns – S

4-Minute Chair Buns – S

4-Minute Advanced Core – S

4-Minute Beginner Core – S

4-Minute Chair Core – S